District 10 Membership Meeting

Monday, September 9th, 7:00 PM

Hidden Haven

Congratulations to the following Boys HP 15 players who will advance on to Phase 3:

Forwards: Isaak Adams, Benjamin Fedor, Nolan Fitzhenry, Brody Holoien, Kaden Julik, Landon Lafferty, Kyle Leopold,  Nolan Mason, Landon Medin, Joshua Orwig, Jack Rykkeli and Logan Salo
Defensemen: Greyson Bruneau, Christian Casady, Rylan Hanson, Derek Roehl, Grant Schauer and Carson Scott
Goalies: Taylor Hatton and Luca Sciara

Congratulations to the following Boys HP 14 players who will be advancing on to Phase 3:

Forwards: Braeden Branton, Jack Gustafson, Cameron Gustafson, Owen Hasling, Oliver Hay, Drew Hendricks, Payton Johnson, Beckett Johnson, Alexander King, Levi Machovec, Zachary Meyers and Tyler Westphal

Defense:  Jake Burmis, Calvin Cogswell, Brett Erickson, Jacob Homicke, Brody Rauser and Collin Zilmer

Goalies: Nolan Gist and Orin Jansen


Congratulations to the following Girls HP 15 players who will advance on to Phase 3:

Forwards: Ellarae Atkinson, Taylor Hall, Kaitlyn Hemr, Aubrey Kelly, Shelby Larsen, Alexa Larson, Sophia Menne, Alyssa Nuerenberg, Jayden Peterson, Ella Ringold, Brooke Williams and Madeline Wolter
Defense:  Callie Alphin, Annabelle Buccicone, Molly Clough, Erica Maida, Taylor Schreifels and Brooke Ueland
Goalies: Jade Karnowski and Karma Waste

Congratulations to the following Girls HP 14 players who will advance on to Phase 3:

Forwards: Ellie Bailey, Nora Dropps, Josephine Kelzenberg, Sophia Lee, Cassandra Moore, Taylor Nelson, Teagan Olson, Anna Pitzen, Amelia Sutch, Lauren Swanson, Alexis Wagner and Macy Waks.

Defense: Aleksa Dorstad, Lena Fenske, Sena Fitzke, Stella Kramer, Taylor Nelsen and Abigail Peltier

Goalies: Megan Fedor and Madison Orlett


District 10 Futures Program Coaching Positions

We have the return of the 13U Futures program in 2024!  It begins March 26th and ends the weekend of May 17-19.  We will have returning coaches for our Girls program; thank you to those coaches.  However, we will need an assistant coach added for the 13U boys program.  Our head coach will be returning.  This is a position that is paid through MN Hockey.

We have also have a new program for 2024, a 15U boys and girls program.   It also has 13 hours of ice training programs and includes two jamboree weekends (3v3 & 5v5).  It starts the week of April 8th and runs through May 24-26 (last jamboree).  These are paid positions through MN Hockey.  We also will have a paid general manager (GM) position for these groups.

If you have any interest or questions contract Donn Berkeland at trcdb2@gmail.com or via phone at 612-750-2896.


D10 Open Position – Coach in Chief

Coach in Chief – Job Description


Contact either D10 Director Colleen Donovan or USAH/MN Hockey Coach in Chief Mike Orn

D10 Code of Conduct – ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY – District Tournament

District 10 adheres to and enforces a zero-tolerance policy. The policy requires all players, coaches, officials, District 10 Board Members, Association Board Members, Parents and Spectators, to maintain a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere before, during and after all District 10 scrimmages, games and tournaments.

This includes, and is not limited to, abusive behavior, harassment, bullying, obscene language or gestures, verbal abuse, threats of physical abuse and/or actual physical abuse.
If a spectator(s) conduct becomes so abusive that, in referee(s) opinion, it is distracting from the game or inciting players, the referee(s) will stop the game, with the clock continuing to run, until the spectator is removed from the arena, before the game play will resume.   No added time will be added to the clock for the allotted game time for the time lost for removing a spectator(s) from the arena.


In Loving Memory of Jason “Waldo” Waldowski

February 20, 1973 – June 15, 2021

We Love You Waldo!

District 10 Hockey reserves the right to make any approved changes to the District 10 Handbook, Polices, Procedures, or Fine Schedule with notice given to the membership via the District 10 website