District 10 News

Level 4 Coaches Clinic

If you need your Level 4 and received a temp card last season, please sign up for

the clinic below, as you will not receive a temp card again for the upcoming season.

Level 4 / May 16-17, 2015 / Rochester, MN

Register on the USA Hockey website.

Other Level 4 Clinics:

September, 2015 (dates TBD) / Bloomington, MN

Possibly, October, 2015 (dates TBD) / in NW part of MN

Annual Membership Meeting

Monday, April 6, 2015 / 7:00 PM

Hidden Haven Golf Club


MN Hockey Handbook / VIII Playing Rules, Page 29 / Fair Play, 2., b. and d.

A team will lose their Fair Play points if:

b.  Per Conduct Rule XIV.C.2, spectator conduct becomes so abusive that, in referee(s)’ opinion, it is distracting from the game or inciting players, requiring the referee(s) to stop play and request specified individuals leave the arena.

d. An off-ice official (timekeeper, scorekeeper, penalty box attendant) provided by one of the teams exhibits conduct that results in the person being removed from their position by the referee(s).